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"Our customers have told us that the Sno-Plow shovels are the best shovels they have every used. Not only do they have a great warranty but they do a wonderful job pushing snow off of the sidewalks. We have had many customers who ordered one to try and liked them so much that they bought additional shovels so they could have one at each door."

Keith Bresin
Director of Corporate Sales
Dacotah Paper Company
[email protected]

"We've been selling the shovels for 6 years now, and we've sold thousands. We have a store model that we've been using for the whole six years, and it is still in good working condition, which helps us sell them because it demonstrates how well they last. We use our store demo to show customers how well it works and to demonstrate the blade strength and how you can turn them over and scrape with them. Once the shovel is in the customers hands, they pretty much sell themselves. We tell them the facts, how they last forever, that every part is replaceable, then help them figure out what size is best for them. I would say that 90% of the customers in our store that buy shovels buy one of these. Every contractor uses these because they know that they are the best; most have every size of them. Even contractors have a tough time wearing them out. The only time we don't sell it is when the customer is looking for a pick-up-and-throw style shovel. We have never had any customer return one, or even say they aren't satisfied with them. The best way to sum up the shovel is you have to sell a couple, then the word gets out about them and you sell tons. We've been on the news more than once because of how great these shovels are."

Mark Settergren
Settergren Ace Hardware
Minneapolis, MN
[email protected]

"Last year was the first year that Kreofsky Building Supplies brought in the 'snowplow shovels'. I was impressed with how durable they were and even more impressed with how well they worked. I wasn't the only one, and as word got out, they blew out of here and became our top selling shovel. I have not heard one complaint on this brand of shovel and endorse the 'snowplow shovel' 100%. We intend to stock this item for years to come."

Tom Lawson
Store Manager
Kreofsky Building Supplies
Plainview, MN
[email protected]

"We brought the 24" and 30" snow pushers in after we had already stocked our stores with our regular lines of snow pushers. We had really good response for the first year out in the stores. Customers liked the better quality that they were getting. We had no returns on either one and we know for sure that some were going out to be used very aggressively to chip ice etc. The availability was great, delivery was quick, ordering was easy and along with the availability to order other sizes, it made an excellent resource for our stores. Very satisfied!!!"

Randy Anderson
Corporate Sales Manager
Mac's Inc.
[email protected]

Industrial Strength Snow Pusher

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